FATLOSS summer 2015

Taking the guesswork out of fat loss, Fitness magazine’s special FATLOSS issue covers everything you need to know to shed that unwanted fat and finally get that toned, lean body you’ve always wanted. In depth features tackle all the important elements of a successful fat loss plan, including high intensity exercise programmes, practical diet tips and eating plans, supplementation plans and info to help you achieve your goals. It has all the info anyone will ever need on how to achieve sustainable fat loss the healthy way.

Reader Profile
The FATLOSS special issue is perfect for the lady who wants to take the next major step towards the body of her dreams. Our Special Edition readers are hungry for knowledge about living a healthy and sustainable active lifestyle, with help of the fitness, nutrition and supplementation experts who contribute to the magazine. They may not know everything about health and fitness, but they’re eager to learn and develop into the quintessential fitness reader and become an inspiration to friends, family and others. She therefore wants to know about the latest products that can help her achieve her goals, and has enough expendable income to buy them, while also investing in gym memberships, health foods, fitness apparel and supplementation on a monthly basis.

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